3UTools Jailbreak

What is 3UTools Jailbreak ? This is one of the best tool which can use to install Cydia application with jailbreak apps. 3UTools is not a jailbreak application, But this tool was developed as resources application to jailbreak your device. This application will act as “Jailbreak Wizard”, Users can follow application to find best jailbreak solution compatible with device configuration.


How to use 3UTools Jailbreak for your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

  • First connect your device to PC using USB cable
  • Then execute 3UTools application before jailbreak your device. Users can see this application is automatically detecting your Ios device configuration to give jailbreak solution.
  • Then tap below jailbreak tab, User can see jailbreak status. This valuable application will provide all necessary steps to jailbreak your device.
  • Then follow all the steps carefully and jailbreak your device within few seconds. Tap “Run Jailbreak”
  • Now your device is ready to jailbreak with 3UTools application, This is most successful method to jailbreak your device.
  • Please do not turn off your iDevice before until end of jailbreak process, you can see device is rebooting couple of times
  • Finally Cydia application will be ready with your device home screen
  • Tap it and enjoy with hundred of third party apps.

If you are new to jailbreak, You need to follow proper guides before start jailbreak process. Please do not use un-trusted jailbreak apps to download Cydia application for your device. Because jailbreak will cause to brick your iDevice. What is Jailbreaking ? This is kind of unlocking your device. Jailbreak is a process of break Apple Ios restrictions. After this process, Users can access to the root of Apple devices. Actually jailbreak allows to customize your device as your requirement. Therefore many users are interesting to jailbreak their device with Cydia features.

Instructions for Jailbreak users

  • Please backup your device before jailbreak your Device
  • Download best jailbreak solution compatible with your device
  • Follow all necessary instructions properly before jailbreak your device
  • Jaiibreak apps are free for all users, Do not go to buy jailbreak apps for your device

Unable to use 3UTools Jailbreak, Why ?

If 3UTools application is mentioned status as not available. This means your Ios device is unable to jailbreak using any application. This is really trusted application for jailbreak any device.

Can follow 3UTools jailbreak with Android ?

No, You are unable to use this application for Android running devices. Android devices jailbreak process is called “root”. Therefore you need to follow 3UTools alternative application for 3UTools. What are the alternative app for 3UTools ? TutuApp, vShare are the best alternative apps.

Can download 3UTools jailbreak for MAC ?

Yes, This application can install for MAC platform with virtual Windows operating system. MAC devices can install Windows application virtually. So this application can download for MAC devices well. Then install application for your device to jailbreak your device.

Can download 3UTools application for Linux ?

This application is not compatible to download for Linux platform. However Linux users can keep both operating systems with same device. This is kind of virtual machine download method.

If any error regarding 3UTools jailbreak for your device. Please comment here, Our support team is ready to help for you.