3UTools ToolBox Common Tools for Apple users

Your favorite 3UTools application has bundle of features for Apple iDevice users. Some users do not know the features of this amazing application. This guide we like to give most of the useful tools as simply as possible for your device. 3UTools ToolBox consist of two sessions. Both of these are important to all users. This will help to keep your device properly and clearly, Also user can touch with more features joined with your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch.

  • 3UTools common Tools
  • 3UTools feature more Tools

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Common Tools

Backup and Restore

You can create backup using this application for your required device. Users can setup backup password for secure from third parties. This session included Customized data backup, this feature will help to remove unwanted data for the backup. Also users customize restore feature will help to all users.

Virtual Location

This is another feature most users are using with this application. You can set Longitude and Latitude manually with your required destination and location modification feature is available for users. Also restore default location allows to set for the previous location. You can use Googlemap or OpenstreetMap with Virtual Location.

Realtime Screen

Your device current screen can copy to local pc/clipboard. So users can touch with device without using third party file transfer application. Most Youtubers are using 3UTools realtime screen feature with their videos.


You never believe, 3UTools application is ready with AirPlay. You can configure device with PC,TV with this application easily. When you tap AirPlay, You can see dynamic automatically generated IP address. Then users can use this address to synchronize device with many device models.

Erase Data & Batch Activation

This is kind of data management application and users can erase unwanted data from your device. Windows based date management is user friendly method to compare with your mobile based data management apps. Users can manage several iDevices within one application  using 3UTools toolbox features. This will be ready advantage for Apple users.

Clean Garbage

This is really help to clean your device with unwanted files and apps. This tool produce free space for users, User can scan cache & apps to make free space. 3UTools application will automatically produce free space within few seconds. Did you touch with this Clean Garbage feature ? No, follow it & keep your device clean.

IPCC File Update

Users can change IPCC file without upgrading to the Ios version. Actually your device IPCC file update is impossible without upgrading to upper firmware. But 3UTools this feature will give really help for you, Please use 3UTools application “Check Update” button before update device IPCC file.

Transfer Data

Data migration is one of the key feature in this application. You can migrate data between several devices using 3UTools application. This feature is not only support for Ios, But also this feature support for Android devices. So 3UTools application is also compatible with Android devices well.

Stop Ios Update & Make Ring tone

Perhaps your device Ios update will be automatically installing accidently or without your concern. This issue will be fix if you use Stop Ios update feature. Also users can make ring tone for the device with 3UTools application. This will be open another extra income with your creative knowledge.

Accessibility & Delete Invalid icon

You can protect device from un-authority access with Accessibility, this session include Wifi, Zoom, VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch app features. Also Delete invalid icon will help to keep your device clearly.

If you have any error with 3UTools ToolBox feature, Please comment or message to us. We like to answer for your question. Good luck & enjoy latest features.

Can use 3UTools iOS version with your device

This application is third party application which included collection of features for users. Actually 3UTools iOS version is unable to install with App store. Therefore users are unable to install application online with your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch. 3UTools application is compatible to use  with iOS 5+ running devices. Therefore more than 80 percent of users can touch this application features with their iDevices. 3UTools application is embed with jailbreak features. Users can use this application without jailbreak, So this is risk free method to touch with jailbreak features with application. Actually we are unable to recommend to jailbreak your device to touch with third party application features. We have seen some users got system files failure with un-proper jailbreak knowledge. Therefore all users must jailbreak device with proper knowledge of jailbreak apps. We have seen some applications are not supporting for iOS versions. 3UTools is complete solution for jailbreak users, You can install most Cydia applications without jailbreak using this amazing application. So, Why Jailbreak ? 3UTools ready for you.

Download 3UTools latest version

3UTools support iOS versions and devices

  • iOS 5 to iOS 15 range all iOS versions (This is really advantage for users)
  • iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch models (This application is not support for AppleTV, iWatch and other Apple products)

How to use 3UTools for iOS Models

  • First all users are required to install application for Windows Personal computers/Laptop
  • Then connect device using USB cable, Now you can touch with app features

Main features of 3UTools – iOS users

  • This application included secure backup and restore
  • Users can manage unwanted files & clean garbage
  • Convert Video and Audio to different formats using  application. Users can modify and change audios with their requirements
  • You can migrate data to the different devices without less of quality
  • Most users are loving with ringtone create feature to share their creativity with friends & family
  • You can use as icon manage application to customize device
  • Stop iOS update is one of the feature for jailbreak loving users. So you can easily keep loving apps with your iOS device without revoking using this method.
  • Users can use application to secure your device as party logins

Can download 3UTools iOS version for latest versions ?

Yes, This application already compatible for latest models and development team will release version compatible with latest models. Actually 3UTools developers are regular updating their system with variety of features. This will be great opportunity for all Apple iDevice users.

Can download 3UTools for AppleTV/iWatch ?

No, However some applications are ready to compatible with AppleTV models. So this application will be useful to synchronize apps for Apple TV. Perhaps this will be browser based airplay method for users. However iWatch users are unable to use this application.

Apple iOS 3 – iOS 5 running users can use this application after upgrade to upper Ios version. We have seen most required iTunes features are gathered with this application. So this will be your easy and flexible solution.