3UTools alternative iMazing for MAC/Windows/iOS Users

iMazing is best 3UTools alternative application developed for Windows and MAC users. We have seen this application is embed with some of the 3UTools application features. You can download application free for the device. However application developers are not providing lifetime free version for users. All iMazing users are need to update application to the premium version. iMazing development team is really proud to serve their application for millions of users around the world.

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iMazing Support Devices and OS

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • MAC and Windows versions

Actually iMazing main advantage is compatible with MAC users. This is really good news for all MAC OS users, We have seen most 3UTools loving users are also interesting with this amazing application.

iMazing features

Users are mainly using this application as trusted source to manage their secure information. We have seen some of the user friendly important features are ready with iMazing.

  • App store and apps management system
  • File management system – File transfer, Backup/restore, extract
  • iOS Management system
  • Device supervision, Configurator and Editor
  • Easily export/import pictures and movies without iCloud or iTunes and also users have Print their requirement
  • Transfer your music between your iDevice and Windows/MAC PC
  • Your interesting Ringtones and amazing Wallpapers

How to install iMazing application

You can follow our direct download link to get latest version. Our blog development team is regular updating site with latest versions. If any error regarding this application use, Please message to us.

  • Download application using above direct link
  • Double click iMazing setup file and install for your Windows/MAC running device
  • Then connect your iPhone,iPad,iPod to the computer Then run application, You can see application is detecting device and click next to continue with iMazing features.
  • Finally you can see device is ready with iMazing features. Enjoy your favorite iMazing app features

Can download iMazing online

No this application is not ready to download as online application. Users are required Windows or MAC computer touch with app features. AlsoiMazing is not available to download with Apple App Store/ Google Play Store or Huwawi store. This is really disadvantage for millions of users. Your suggestions are really important to us, Please comment your thoughts to us. Have a Good Day..

How to install Ringtones with 3UTools for Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

3UTools application is commonly using to download ringtone for your device. This application has thousands of ringtone for users, All of these are free for you and these ringtones can easily install for your device.  This application has generations of ringtones with different countries or cities. 3u application development team is regular updating their application with newly tones for users, So you can touch with high quality tones using this application. Can install 3utools ringtones online ? Yes, You can easily synchronize tones for your device just one click. However 3utools does not provide online application, So you must install application to Windows computer.

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How to install Ringtones with 3UTools application

  • First connect your device with USB cable and open application, Now you can see application is detecting your device. Now click RT & WP tab in the top of the application. Now you can see thousand of tones are ready and click play icon before install for your device.
  • Then tap down arrow download button to get for Your Windows PC. After few seconds you can see download completed.
  • Now click left hand side Ringtone and you can see downloaded tones are ready with your device now.
  • You can install downloaded tones just clicking install button. Click install…
  • Now open your device settings > Sounds > Ringtone and you can see tones are ready up in your device. Tap it and enjoy with latest tones.

We have seen some ringtone creators are using this application to create their own tone. Some users are following this feature for funny works and you can follow own tone with your own device. This is added advantage for all users, You have all resources to create this tone with well quality. This will be really additional feature for 3u loving users. If any error with ringtone use and installation for your device, Please comment here.

3UTools Delete Invalid Icons

3UTools application has many features for their loving users. Invalid Icon feature is one of the valuable feature most users are interesting to use this application. We are installing applications to the devices with different methods. Application developers are using variety of methods to create their installer. Perhaps some developers icons will be headache to you, Because users are unable to remove icons with common method. So we need to find reliable way to delete these icons easily. 3UTools provide very flexible way to remove all of these unwanted icons from your device.

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3UTools invalid icons helps

  • Remove unwanted non removable icons
  • Delete white icons
  • Delete Gray icons
  • Delete detected mal-function icons

How to use Delete Invalid Icon

  • Download and install application for your device. Then connect your iDevice to the PC and open application
  • Then tap upper ToolBox icon and select Delete Invalid icon
  • Then click “Delete” to confirm remove icons from the iDevice. Now app will detect invalid icon & finally you can see “Deleted Invalid Icon” message. Click OK

Is 3U app will cause to remove your installed apps ?

No, This application is only concern with invalid icons. So do not fear to use this feature with your device. We need to keep our device with clean. So this will help for all iPhone,iPad users.

Unable to use this feature, Why ?

Perhaps some profile based application will not removed from your device. If unable to remove, Please follow this path to delete icons from your home screen. Settings > Profile and Device management > Tap icon > Delete. This will help to remove application. Can this application install for mobile ? No, 3UTools application is unable to download with Play Store or App Store. This is legal application and you can use this application free with your device. If you are interesting with online apps, Please follow official store’s applications to delete your device icons.