3UTools Linux

3UTools is iOS based wonderful application released for iPhone, iPad, iPod users. This application is already downloaded millions of users around the world. You can download app for Windows platform and other users are facing difficult to use of this application. Specially thousands of MAC users are willing to release 3UTools dmg file to install for their devices. This post we are concern with another operating system users, Can download 3UTools Linux ? Actually official site is only support for exe version. So you need to find possible way to install exe files for Linux platform.

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How to install 3UTools Linux ?

Users are following several methods to run Windows applications with Linux. Most of these methods are working fine with your computers. We can simply list all possible ways as follows.

  • Wine is a best software which can use to install Windows apps with Linux. First download Wine application and install for Linux.
  • Then download 3UTools application and install for your device.
  • Now connect your device using USB cable and run 3u application. Now you can see iDevice is detecting 3U application on Linux platform.

Note – You can use Bottle or any application to run Windows applications. Perhaps some applications were not support for your Windows OS, So better to follow best solution for your Ubuntu Linux version.

You can follow Virtual Windows with Linux to run Windows applications with Linux platform. This is also best method for all users. We can recommend this method for all users. Touch with this amazing application hundreds of features with Linux or Ubuntu Linux.

Unable to Download 3UTools Linux Ubuntu

We have tested this applications with several Linux versions and 3U app execute well with all versions. However your running Ubuntu version will differ with our tested version, So follow best solution compatible with your Linux version.

Our 3utools.vip team is also support to help our loving users, Please comment here with your Linux Ubuntu version, We like to help for your questions. Thank You.